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Rainbow over Horses at Hraunsvík

A rainbow over Hraunsví­k, east of Grindaví­k on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. Horses grazing on a field. Dark grey sky in contrast with rainbow. (Christopher Lund/©2011 Christopher Lund)

Hraunsvík shore is located east of the small fishing village of Grindavík at the Reykjanes Peninsula. The black beach was once a popular spot for soldiers and their faimlies from the nearby Nato base at Keflavík. The base was closed on 8th of September 2006 and it’s facilities taken over by the Icelandic Defence Agency. There is rich birdlife in Hraunsvík and this is only place you could spot a Puffin at the Peninsula. The Puffin nests in the grassy hills of mount Festarfjall which you seen in background.

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