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Brúarfoss waterfall

Brúarfoss waterfall in winter, South Iceland. (Christopher Lund/©2015 Christopher Lund)

Brúarfoss waterfall is on of the best waterfall locations in Iceland. It offers many different angles, overview from the bridge or textured details with a longer lens. Going close with a wide angle, like in this shot, you need to wear waterproof boots or be willing to get your feet wet.

This area is very fragile, like many photographic locations in Iceland. When I visit Brúarfoss I make sure my clients are aware of this fact and take great care when they are finding their compositions. In the winter you can get quite close, since there is less water in the river. The frost and snow protects the ground to some extent, but you need to wear spikes on the boots to be safe from slipping on the icy rocks.

This shot was made with the Nikon D810 and Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G lens. I used the 3-stop ND glass filter from Lucroit to slow down the exposure.

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