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Camping Tours

Camping at lake Langisjór. ©2010 Christopher Lund.

I know what you are thinking. Camping in Iceland must be very cold? During wintertime it sure is, but in summertime its actually quite pleasant. If you want to be truly flexible and able to follow the best weather conditions for nature photography in Iceland – camping is the way to go!

Many of the best locations in the Icelandic highland are very secluded and have no accommodation nearby. Camping would give us the opportunity to take full advantage of the early sunrise and late sunset during the summer months, as well as eliminating the travel time to and from a hotel.

Snæfell Mountain Hut. ©2006 Christopher Lund.

The camping equipment is important. I provide the camping gear: good four season tents and mattresses. Each participant will have his/her own tent. You only need to bring your sleeping bag and good warm clothing. It’s best to have three layers of clothing – wool, fleece and Gore-Tex or similar.

If you need good outdoor clothing we have excellent gear from the Icelandic outdoor clothing brands 66 North and Cintamani. I can even get you a nice discount.

Most of the campsites offer good facilities, some even hot showers and cooking areas. So camping life doesn’t have to be primitive. I commonly mix camping with other accommodation. Many farmers offer very good Guesthouse accommodation. There are also mountain cabins which we can utilize. In each trip its common to spend at least one or two nights in such accommodation.

If you are wondering if digital photography can be an obstacle in this kind of trip – don’t worry. On board my Land Rover, I have a powerful inverter to charge batteries. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to have a few extra batteries. I usually travel with at least four to six batteries, which gives me enough juice for a ten day trip. It’s a relatively small investment compared to the hassle of constant recharging. Bringing a laptop is fine, but a more portable device, such as an iPad, is more convenient for browsing and checking e-mail while on the road.


Camping Tour duration is usually around 5-9 nights. Typical price for such a trip is around 3500-5500 USD per person. Included is transportation in my specially equipped 4×4 Land Rover Discovery, all meals during the trip, campground, cabin and guesthouse fees. Your airfare to Iceland is excluded. Drop me a line for a quote on your dream photo expedition.

Camping near Mount Snæfell. ©2006 Christopher Lund.