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Custom Tours / Private Workshops

Inside an Ice Cave in Breiðármerkurjökull Glacier, Southeast Iceland. (Christopher Lund/©2015 Christopher Lund)

Lets face it – it can be hard to take full advantage of a photo tour while under the restrictions of group travel. There will be moments when you would have liked just a little more time to shoot, or have wanted to stop at some location you saw during the drive.

So when it comes to photography trips, freedom is second to none.

Having a private, totally custom made tour, you can have the best of both worlds. You choose how much time you want to spend, what kind of photography you want to focus on and which type of accommodation you like.

Getting a private workshop also means that you have total flexibility of tour dates and duration. You get as much tutition from me as you like. Some want to be left alone in their zone – and thats just fine 🙂 We all have our methods of connecting to nature and I respect each and every one.


Custom tours means the price is not fixed. Generally speaking my day rate for longer tours is US$ 1.400. That covers my guiding, tuition and all transportation with fuel costs. Your accommodations and meals are extra. Pricing for accommodation and food varies greatly – so the final price can vary quite a lot depending on your wishes.  Drop me a line with your wishes and I will do my best to setup the dream photographic adventure.